5 Best Bboy Battles

Break out your inner bboy and bring the funk with our 5 best bboy battles. The best bboy battles are going to focus on the strengths of the individual bboys and who brings out the best of the entire dance crew. A battle between two bboys who both have insane floor, power moves or dance skills is going to be an epic battle. The best bboy battles suck you into everything that makes being a bboy awesome.
  1. Knucklehead Zoo vs Rock Steady Crew- Being the closest thing we have seen in awhile to an old school bboy battle is what makes one of the best bboy battles. Crew members on both sides throw in some power moves and epic freezes, but in the end this was a battle fought with crazy legs and footwork. And while we will declare Rock Steady Crew the winner of this battle, Knuckhead Zoo's group display was the highlight of the battle. Truly and epic battle dis.
  2. Rivers Crew vs Drifterz (UK Bboy Championship 2009)- This made our list of the best bboy battles because it was a battle that was decided on slide moves and floor work. The power moves and the classic Run-DMC style arm cross challenge were icing on the cake. But what really made this one of the best bboy battles is the sick combos brought by members of Drifterz; A windmill turns into a hammer drop and then a one-handed spin. A brilliant combo that won the battle.
  3. Hong 10 vs Ronnie ( Red Bull BC One 2006)- Watching this bboy battle is witnessing a clash of the Titians. Hong 10 and Ronnie are known for their speed and agility when they battle, they are both so sick that this was defiantly a hard battle to call. Ronnie's backspin windmill, crazy legs, into a one-armed turtle sets the bar for the battle. And Hong 10's windmill to jackhammer to fore-arm spin counter attack shows the he is a worth challenger. Watching two of the greats battle it out makes this one the best bboy battles.
  4. Kaku vs Red Ant ( Power Moves Battle The Notorious IBE 2008)- This bboy battle is all power all the time. Kaku and Red Ant put together some serious combos during this battle. At first we thought Kaku's head spin into a back flop was impressive until we saw Red Ant's head spin. To be able to hold a head spin that long is impressive to say the least. Their killer combos and the way they fly through the air makes this one of the best bboy battles.
  5. Fantastik Armada vs Gamblerz ( Battle of the Year 2004)- This made our list of the best bboy battles because it is everything that a good bboy battle should be. A brilliant mix of dance skills, power moves, crazy legs and floor moves on both sides.When Bgirl Ana of Fantasik Armada goes head to head with Gamblerz Bruce Lee we are treated with a display of flirtatious personality and style that is a joy to watch No matter who won this was an excellent battle.
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