5 Best Bboy The End Moments

Get in touch with your inner B-Boy with these five best Bboy The End moments. Bboy The End is one of the star players in the South Korean B-Boy crew known as Gamblerz. B-Boy The End is best known for putting together insane power move combinations when he is on the stage. His routines are always smooth, fluid and marked by unbelievable combinations that you never see coming. Putting together complex combinations of power moves has become B-Boy The End's stock in trade and has brought him to the attention of B-Boys all over the world. B-Boy The End has had some of his best moments at international B-Boy competitions such as IBE and Red Bull's BC One. Watching the best Bboy The End moments is to be amazed at his ability as a dancer and a little bit scared for his safety as he pulls off power moves that no mere mortal should be able to do.
  1. Bboy The End (IBE 2008)– This performance at the 2008 IBE is among the best Bboy The End moments because he consistently pulled innovative power moves throughout the event. When he went from an airflare to the forearm airflare, we thought it was impressive. But when he ended by landing on his back and immediately bringing it back with a shoulder flare it was amazing.
  2. The End vs Eagle1– There is no doubt that Eagle1 is a good Bboy-we have barely mastered the basic top rock, and are far from power move material-but his tendency to pause between moves ruins the continuity of his performance. Bboy The End is able to pull off moves that are just as complex and doesn't have to pause between combos. His ability to put together smooth routines without missing a beat makes this one the best Bboy The End Moments.
  3. The End (IBE 2005)- Watching Bboy The End work from a windmill, to a one armed airflare and then into one armed, one legged lotus airflare, is awesome. Watching this wicked combo in action makes this one of the best Bboy The End moments.
  4. Bboy The End Combo Video- After watching Bboy The End go from a one handed elbow airtrack, into hammers and a one handed halo, we think Bboy The End should be arrested for the Bboy slaughter that he left in his wake. Sick combos like that make this one of the best Bboy The End Moments.
  5. The End vs Ronnie (Red Bull BC One 2006)- We don't know how Bboy The End pulls off all of those airtracks without breaking his neck, but that's part of the fun in watching the best Bboy The End moments.
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