5 Best Bboy Junior Moments

Sit in rapt amazement with these 5 best Bboy Junior moments. Bboy Junior is an incredible Bboy that is best known for his power and strength moves. Bboy Junior is an intricate part of the Wanted Posse and has won Bboy battles at the Red Bull BC One, the French Championship and the World Breakdancing Championship, taking home titles with his crew and in solo battles. He has also performed in videos for the rap groups High Tech Killer and Suzujia. Bboy Junior is an inspiration to Bboys and Bgirls all over the world, not only for the way he has revolutionized the world of breakdancing, but for achieving it all with leg damage caused by polio. The best Bboy Junior moments are a perfect combination of strength, agility and energy that you can't take your eyes off of.
  1. Bboy Junior / Wanted Posse. This compilation video makes our list of the best Bboy Junior moments because it shows the guy's incredible upper body strength. He walks the floor in a planche, walking for a full minute before succumbing to gravity. We can't even do a handstand without the help of a wall.
  2. World's Best Break Dancer. While we may want to disagree with the title of this video, we will agree that Bboy Junior is on our list of the world's best breakdancers. We don't know where this video was shot, but watching Bboy Junior bust out strength moves and power moves is awesome. And after watching him break out backwards moves, we are wondering if this guy has a back bone. This is one of the best Bboy Junior moments.
  3. Bboy Junior and Bgirl Blinxx. For this video Bboy Junior teams up with Bgirl Blinxx to bring some serious power. Throughout the battle Bboy Junior shows off his signature power and strength moves, but what makes this among the best Bboy Junior moments is the way he manages to work in crazy legs and insane footwork.
  4. Bboy Junior. This Bboy Junior video is a combination of two performances from a German Bboy competition. By this time we know that Bboy Junior is strong and capable of wicked moves, but this is one of the best Bboy Junior moments for the way it showcases his agility. Being able to to stick a freeze is one thing, but being able to pull one of those moves and then sprint across the floor in that pose is something different.
  5. Bboy Junior TNT Thursday Night Lights. This ranks among the best Bboy Junior moments because you can see the energy and passion that the guy puts into his routine. Seeing how much he loves being a Bboy makes all of his moves that much more impressive.
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