5 Best Beaches In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise with some of the nicest beaches in the world, and here are the 5 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico. People from all walks of life come to enjoy the good food and warm waters.  If you plan on visiting soon, make sure to check out these spots.

  1. Boquerón: A beach with turquoise seawater and white sandy shores. Usually quiet and relaxing during the weekdays, but very popular on the weekend and holidays. Activities available to you include bike riding, kite surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. One of the top beaches in our 5 best.
  2. Cana Gorda: Lovely beach very close to the Guanica Forest Reserve, which is a bird sanctuary. Spend time sunning, swimming in the crystal clear sea, or visiting the reserve. It is number two on our list of beaches in Puerto Rico.
  3. Isla Verde: On our 5 best list is a beach that is a great place to parasail or water ski. Picnic tables for those who just want to relax under the palm trees with family. You can also find plenty to eat and drink from the seaside vendors.
  4. Flamenco: Hailed as the best beach in America, you have to see for yourself how nice it is. Has over a mile of white sand to lounge on. Great for couples who are honeymooning or vacationing.
  5. Luquillo Beach: Puerto Rico’s most popular beach by far. A nice beach to visit. There are vendors in kiosk selling just about everything from food to souvenirs. You will not go hungry at this beach. For those who drink, there are vendors selling frozen pina coladas and rum. Loaded with palm trees along the coast and plenty of tropical scenery. The water is always clear and sparkling. The best of our 5 best beaches in Puerto Rico.
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