5 Best Beard And Moustache Trimmers

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The 5 best beard and mustache trimmers are affordably priced, ergonomically designed for easy use, have a long battery life, capable of dry and wet operation, and an adjustable blade for a variety of beard lengths.  The 5 best beard and mustache trimmers briefly described in this article are a guide, and not a blueprint for specifics to look for in a beard or mustache personal grooming product. Any one of them will help you in your facial hair pursuits, whether you're preparing a mo for Movember or your cultivating the Brian Wilson "Fear the Beard" look.

5 best beard and mustache trimmers

Philips Norelco T980 Rechargeable Turbo Vacuum Beard Trimmer.

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This beard trimmer comes equipped with self sharpening blades, set it and forget it nine lockable control adjustments for beards of various lengths.  The T980 also comes with smaller attachments for precision trimming of mustaches and sideburns, for easy cleanup a built-in vacuum to suction up cut beard trimmings, and a transparent hair chamber to alert the user when capacity has been reached, and a rechargeable battery that gives 45 minute trim time off an eight hour charge.  This unit is priced under $40.

Wahl 9906-717 Groomsman Cordless/Battery Operated Beard and Mustache Trimmer.

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This beard and mustache trimmer is equipped with high performance carbon steel blades for use over a long period of time, adjustable seven beard length settings, and standard attachments consisting of cleaning brush, mustache comb, and a storage base.  For occasional lubrication oil is included.  The Wahl 9906-717 is cordless and operates off two AA batteries.

Norelco QT4070/41-Beard Trimmer.

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This beard and mustache trimmer is made by Norelco, a company known for design and production of quality men’s personal grooming equipment.  The Norelco QT4070/41 is designed with a clear hair chamber to let you know when the compartment has reached capacity, stay sharp blades that do not require oiling, vacuum system to suck up trimmed hairs, battery status indicator, and eighteen lockable beard length settings from 1mm up to 18mm. As an added perk the unit can be used with or without a cord.  A lithium-ion battery is included for cordless use, and operates for 50 minutes off a hour charge.

Panasonic ER389K Rechargeable Beard and Mustache Trimmer.

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This unit has stainless-steel blades, six lockable beard length settings, plug-in rechargeable system that will enable the user 45 minutes of use off of an eight hour charge.  Unit cost is less than $30.

Remington MB-300 Titanium Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Remington MB-300.jpg

This unit is self-contained with beard and mustache trimmer, and pop-up detail trimmer.  Additionally, the unit has nine lockable beard adjustment settings, never needs oiling, and equipped for cord and cordless operation.  Unit is priced less than $40.     

For the man looking for the best beard and mustache trimmers that are reasonably priced, and are easy to use, the products described in this article will meet or exceed your expectations.

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