5 Best Beer Bars in San Francisco

It is very easy to find the 5 best beer bars in San Francisco.  Just follow the locals to these hot spots.  San Francisco natives know their beer and know exactly where to get it.  Here are the best beer bars in San Francisco.

  1. Toronado Pub is the best beer bar in the San Francisco area. From their enormous selection of beers on tap, to all of your favorite bottled beer this bar has it all.  The favorite among many is the local Damnation, a full flavored, smooth and crisp beer. Toronado may be some what of a dive bar, but it is undeniably the best place to get a beer in San Francisco. 547 Haight Street (415) 863-2276,
  2. Shotwell's is an excellent place to grab a beer. This pub has a large selection of beers including the local Anchor Steam beer and many beers from Belgium. They do not serve hard alcohol, just beer, sangria and sake.  The bar also has a lot of entertainment and activities including pool.  Shotwell's is a great location for a fun night out drinking beer. 3349 20th Street (415) 648-4104
  3. 21st Amendment Brewery and Pub is one of the best beer bars in San Francisco. They change their beer selection on a regular basis, so you will never get bored.  Some favorites are the Unique Hell or High Watermelon summer beer or the Blind Lust strong Belgium beer. 563 2nd Street (415) 369-0900
  4. Magnolia Pub & Brewery is another great brewery for local beer. On tap, they serve their own brews and these are sure to not disappoint.  They have a good selection of light and strong beers, so everyone will find something to their liking. 1398 Haight Street (415) 864-7468
  5. The Black Horse London Pub  is another great beer bar.  It is a small bar that will remind you of drinking in your friends basement during your teenage years.  They serve only beer and wine, and the beer is kept cold in a bathtub full of ice that is stored behind the bar.  The casual atmosphere is great for a night out with friends and is sure to make you feel like a college student. 1514 Union Street (415) 928-2414
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