5 Best Beer Bars in Washington, D.C.

The five best beer bars in Washington DC consist of some of the best beer bars on the planet. One may not think of Washington DC for beer bars, with all the stuffed shirts and whatnots. However, the beer bar scene in Washington DC is one of the most eclectic in the nation. Beer is loved everywhere across this great country, even in the capital and even among politicians. Check out these five beer bars and you’ll understand what I mean when I say beer bars in Washington DC go long like politicians and their lobbyists.

  1. Capitol Lounge is a hotspot among beer bars in Washington, D.C. without the political bickering, jousting, and offering a great local for those working within walls of our nation’s capital. The beer selection is nothing short of impressive covering, ales, lagers, stouts, ciders and porter (there is more too). Capitol Lounge: 229 Pennsylvania Ave SE. (202) 547-2098
  2. District Chophouse & Brewery rocks the beer bar scene with a rowdy selection of ales and lagers. They also offer above normal menu of delightful eats. This is an upscale beer bar events and should be approached as such and with great anticipation of a heavenly time. District Chophouse & Brewery: 509 7th St NW. (202) 347-3434
  3. Iron Horse Tap Room is a fine example of the best beer bars in Washington, D.C. Great beers with nineteen on tap, great bar eats and of course a wide selection of wide screens. The atmosphere is relaxed with plenty of hideaways spots for cozy conversation and other areas to join the crowd in conversation or people watching. Iron Horse Tap Room: 507 7th St NW. (202) 347-7665
  4. Fado Irish Pub is one of the beer bars in Wasington, D.C. that offers a taste if Ireland and all her fan fare, a unique look with traditional Irish meals to boot. A fun environment, where the bartender will chat your ear off while keeping every mug full, this is a great experience. Fado Irish Pub: 808 7th St NW. (202) 789-0066
  5. The Tombs boasts sophistication unlike any other among the best beer bars in Washington, D.C. They offer the ninety-nine days club, which is a fun way to challenge the beer lover in all of us, with a simple challenge of keeping up for ninety-nine days. This is a fun locale near Georgetown University with many interesting folks to get to know. The Tombs: 1226 36th St. NW. (202) 337-6668
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