5 Best Beer Bottles

Curious about the 5 best beer bottles? Almost everyone drinks beer but not everyone sips on brews from some of the best beer bottles ever designed. You may want to say it doesn't matter, but you know it does. These bottles are topics of conversation, allowing you to leave your wingman home.

  1. Saku Brewery is the oldest brewery in Estonia. The makers of the national beer of Estonia also happen to make one of the best designed beer bottles ever. This bottle comes complete with a bottle opener on the side. This means you never have to ask for the bottle opener again.
  2. Tiger Beer is the world's number one Asian beer. While that says a lot, their limited edition bottles say even more. Tiger Beer hired two well-known Asian artists to create beautiful bottles for their brew. The artists came up with three designs that are graphically amazing to look at up close and represent some of the best artistry you will find on a beer bottle.
  3. Sidel, a world giant in bottling, has created perhaps the most innovative beer bottle. When you first look at the bottle it does not indicate that it is in fact a bottle, it is only upon turning the bottle upside down, which is now right side up, finally exposing the hidden bottle cap, that your mind and eye begin to coordinate the function of the object in front of you. The aspects of the design aesthetic and craftsmanship ensure this bottle is memorable.
  4. NELSON Beer is a recent contender in the Australian beer scene that has attempted to go straight for the hip kids. Utilizing consistent collaborations with fashion folk, rockers and designers, their award-winning beer bottles are contenders for the best beer bottle available.
  5. The A. Le Coq family of beers create, without a doubt, striking bottles. The classic shape is regal, which matches the print material adorning the bottles themselves. The Special comes in separate packaging that continues the allure that luxury A. Le Coq provides.
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