5 Best Beer Brands

 Many people like beer, but knowing what the five best beer brands are is a tough question. Beer is known as an acquired taste, some people try it one time and assume they do not like it, but chances are you may like another kind of beer, so keep trying.

  1. Newcastle, being one of my personal top favorites, just hits the spot every time. Really depending on your personal preference, you may fall in love as I did. Newcastle is a brown ale thick, creamy and refreshing, delicious right from the coldest part of the fridge. If you have never heard of Newcastle, I suggest you get out there and search for one. It's one of the best beer brands you will find.
  2. Samuel Adams has several beers to choose from, which makes this another one of my tops. No matter what mood you are in, Sam Adams will be able to fit your need for flavor, and continue to please your buds, even if it is with the original Boston lager. Summer ale is my personal favorite of Sam Adams, of course only served in the summer. Samuel Adams makes blueberry and cherry flavored beers, along with all other different kinds of beer and ales. I am sure you will at least fall in love with one of the beers Sam has to offer you.
  3. Leinenkugel is a great beer to try if you have never had the experience. The first time I tried this beer it was amazing to my taste buds, I was in shock and had to go back for more. Sunset Wheat swept me away; this is the first beers that made me realize I am a huge wheat beer fan. Drinking wheat beer is now almost all that I do, when I drink beer. Leinenkugel have several beers to choose from, all of them being tasty. I hope that you can find one that fits your needs.
  4. St. Pauli Girl ranges from a non alcohol beer to a regular lager to a special dark lager. St. Pauli Girl lager is my favorite out of the bunch, but I do enjoy the special dark as well. If you love the thick malt taste to your beer, you will love these beers. It gives you that fill you can’t get from most other beers, and I am sure you will enjoy it. Just the taste alone will suck you in, when your least expecting it.
  5. Heineken is your average Joe beer, that everyone seems to love. Everyone from little sis to Grandma enjoys this beer and for good reason. Heineken is the lean back beer in my opinion. Everyone serves this beer, so if you go to a bar and they do not serve your beer of choice, then you can always fall back on a Heine. It is definitely not as thick as most of the above beers, but that is why I believe it is rated as number 5 in my top 5.

You can have a lot of fun taste testing beers figuring out your favorite, but why not try my five best beer brands to start out with. Please be responsible when drinking, do not drive, and do not allow your friends to either. Have fun!

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