5 Best Beers In A Can

Even though Keystone, Pabst, Schaefer, Red Dog, and Busch might be some common, low cost beers to buy for parties, they definitely aren’t the 5 best beers in a can. Micro and craft breweries are beginning to package their tasty suds in the crushable aluminum form, but by no means are these cheap. The trend is growing around the country, and of the more than 30 craft breweries that are now canning their beer, these are the five best.

  1. Furious by Surly Brewing Company. This is a world class American IPA from Minnesota jam packed with hoppy deliciousness and perfect for pale ale fans looking for that great taste in convenient can form. With 6.2% alcohol, Furious is highly drinkable, yet not too strong for people searching for an IPA on the lighter side of potency.
  2. TenFidy by Oskar Blues Brewery. The brewery from Lyons, Colorado started the initial craze of canning craft brews, and continued the tradition with the best stout available in can form. TenFidy is a thick, flavorful Russian imperial stout that packs a wallop at 9.5% alcohol. This pours out black as night with coffee and chocolate undertones for a great drinking experience out of a can.
  3. Old Chub by Oskar Blues Brewery. Another classic canned beer from the brilliant brewers at Oskar Blues. Deep brown Scottish ale with a warming 8.0% alcohol; the malty, yet almost sweet taste makes this an easy beer to enjoy out of a can.
  4. Bender by Surly Brewing Company. A high end American brown ale with a dark, mild, toasted taste and a lighter 5.1% alcohol proof. This is a great all purpose beer, available in tall one pint cans for that extra sense of satisfaction.
  5. Brew Free or Die IPA by 21st Amendment Brewery. Fresh, tasty and hoppy American IPA from the craft brew canners in San Francisco, California. The last, but definitely not least of the five best beers in a can, Brew Free or Die weighs in at 7.0% alcohol proof, with a distinct, invigorating citric aroma for a delicious beer in a can.



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