5 Best Beers For Kegs

When considering picking up a keg for a party or special occasion, be sure to select from these five best beers for kegs, instead of the fizzy, yellow, tasteless macro brews which seem to infest parties across the country. Of course, Bud Light or Keystone might be the more economic choice, but for a little extra money, you can achieve far more bang for your buck with a quality lager or ale. Not only will this please the crowd, but people will actually enjoy drinking from the keg, instead of pouring it down their throats as fast as possible to avoid the lackluster taste.

  1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. A hoppy, delicious, and relatively potent beer from one of the best breweries in Northern California. Refreshing, with medium body, this is an ideal keg to pick up for your next barbecue or party.
  2. Anchor Steam Lager. The steam brewed beer from San Francisco is a fantastic lager that pairs well with food while still remaining highly quaffable. Amber color with a nice dash of hops rounds out this well crafted keg beer.
  3. Blue Moon Belgian White. A bit on the lighter side, this is one of the few Belgian styled brews that can be consumed in quantity without overloading your taste buds. Refreshing wheat flavor with hints of citrus fruit, this one is sure to please fellow keg drinkers.
  4. Yuengling Lager. Any brewery that manages to stay around for over 180 years must be doing something right. Economic in price, but not in taste, Yuengling is a basic, drinkable, tasty lager appropriate for beer fans of all ages.
  5. Sam Adams Boston Lager. High quality lager with a hoppy punch that’s quickly become one of the beer industry’s staples. Average alcohol content, traditional brewing methods, but still one of the best keg beers around.
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