5 Best Beginner Hawaii Surf Spots

If you’re interested in learning to surf, you’d probably like to know the 5 best beginner Hawaii surf spots. For many people, surfing is synonymous with Hawaii. It is a gold mine of beautiful beaches, but not all are suitable for surfing. It’s often easy to find information about the biggest wave beaches in Hawaii, but if you’re a beginner, you probably don’t want to start learning on the biggest waves. Hawaii has plenty of gentle wave beaches with beautiful scenery, which are ideal for beginner surfers.

  1. Launiupoko State Wayside Park, Location: Route 30 (South of Lahaina), West Maui This beach is a great place to catch waves suitable for beginners. The waves are preceded by a white sandy beach and a soft stretch of grass. The reef creates a safe and shallow wading area. This makes Launiupoko ideal for surfers who want to bring their friends or children with them. Beyond the reef is an excellent location to learn longboard riding. The beautiful scenery combined with the ideal waves and the amenities offered by the beach park make this location a definite best beginner Hawaii surf spot. Be warned, the beach can get crowded in peak seasons and weekends.
  2. Hanakao’o Beach Park (Canoe Beach), Location: Route 30, Oahu Canoe Beach is the traditional surfer's paradise that you see pictures of in brochures. This beautiful location is usually tourist-free since there are no shops or hotels nearby. Surfboards are available for rent on the shore and the beach is well patrolled by city lifeguards. The waves can get quite rough overhead, but the protected inner reef allows for a great place for beginner surfers to learn the ropes.
  3. White Sands Beach, Oahu, Location: Barbers Navy Base, Oahu This beach often gets a bad rap from experienced surfers as a boring beach, but as a beginner, boring is just what you need. The wave swells get up to a meter high consistently throughout the day. If you’re feeling self-conscious about learning to surf, this is the beach for you. There are lots of beginners, kids learning to surf and professionals tend to steer clear, so you won’t feel like pros are looking down at your failed attempts.
  4. Wakiki Beach, Location: South Oahu Probably Hawaii’s most famous beach, this is an excellent place to learn to surf. People have been surfing here for centuries, including the ancient kings of Hawaii. The waves are low, rolling waves, which offer great practice for longboard riding. There are surfing waves all year through, but summer sees the best southern swells. Wakiki is where Duke Kahanamoku, the father of surfing, learned his skills and there is still a school called the Waikiki Beach Boys who continue teaching his methods.
  5. Waimea Bay, Location: Pupukea Road, North Oahu Waimea Bay offers an excellent gentle environment to learn to surf with a long tradition in surfing. If you’re a beginner who wants to get some experience on bigger waves, Waimea is a good place to get some practice. There are several schools that will give you lessons.
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