5 Best Beginner Mexico Surf Spots

The 5 best beginner Mexico surf spots all depend on the time of year and the climate around the area. Some surf spots are more apt to higher waves than others. For beginners, there are spots that have just the right amount of calm to get you up on your board.

  1. 3 emes. This surf spot boasts easy, public access. The swell size is roughly one meter to three feet and holds up to four meters and twelve feet. The frequency of the surf is extremely consistent at about 150 days out of the year. Another great feature of this spot is that the best tide position is all tides. So surfing here is a great way to begin surfing.
  2. Cuatro Casas. During the week and weekends, this area is virtually empty, providing plenty of room to learn for beginner surfers. The swell size is a bit smaller than most at about three to five feet on average. Be sure to surf during low and mid tide to get the best waves. The wave type at this spot is point-break, moving to the right. Just be cautious of the reefs.
  3. La Fonda. The week is the best time to go to this surf spot because the weekend shows a crowd. However, the wave direction goes left and right allowing for beginner surfers to find a direction that best fits their needs. The swell size can range from anywhere between one meter to three feet. The best tide movements are rising and lowering tides. Also, the waves break at the beach, so beginner surfers don't need to worry about getting caught up at the break. Be cautious of the rip and the undertow.
  4. Playas De Tijuana. This surf spot is a regional classic. All surfers tend to enjoy its easy access and regular wave quality. The best tide position for this spot is at mid tide, particularly when the tide is rising.
  5. Punta San Jose. The wave strength at this surf spot is fast and powerful and the best tide positions are all tides. This is a great surf spot for beginners, if you are trying to work on speed and endurance during a swell. Because of the strong and powerful waves, be cautious of the undertow.
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