5 Best Belgian Beers

With so many breweries imitating the style on today's market, it is high time to compile an authentic 5 best Belgian beers list. As any good beer snob should know, Belgians have been brewing beer since the middle ages, and one can literally taste the craftsmanship infused in every flavor and variety. If you thought Germany was the only place in Europe for a good quality pint, think again. Here are the five best Belgian beers:

  1. Duvel. First up on the Belgian Beer list is the sinful Duvel from the Duvel Moortgat brewery. Duvel, which translates literally to devil, is considered by many to be the quintessential strong golden ale of Belgium. With 8.5 percent alcohol by volume and a delicious flavor, it is easy to see why!
  2. Hoegaarden Original. Hoegaarden's flagship original wheat beer is light-bodied and perfect for winding down on a summer day. What makes this one of the five best Belgian beers is Hoegaarden's perfect blend of spice, orange peels and sweet and sour flavor. Try this; you will not be able to stop with one!
  3. Gulden Draak. Gulden Draak, brewed by Brouwerij Van Steenberge,  is complex dark brown triple ale with a full body and robust flavor. It goes down thicker than most beers on the market today, and has 10.5 percent ABV to boot!
  4. Saison Dupont. Saison Dupont is considered a classic of the saison style, so it is more than fitting to find its way on this five best Belgian beers list. One odd characteristic about Dupont's saison is the completely unfiltered yeast used in the brewing process. This actually gives the beer a cloudy complexion that will most likely freak out your less than cultured friends!
  5. St. Bernardus Abt 12. A Belgian quadruple, St. Bernardus Abt 12 is thick and malty with very little of the bitterness associated with hops infusion. Like Gulden Draak, it goes down thick and has a 10.5 percent ABV content. It is a natural note to end this five best Belgian beers list on. Pick up any of these beers the next time you happen to come across them!
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