5 Best Ben Kingsley Movies

These 5 best Ben Kingsley movies show that Ben Kingsley is an actor with an incredibly wide range, playing figures such as history’s most famous pacifist to a sociopathic killer.  He might have also had less than best moments in films such as “BloodRayne” and “The Love Guru,” but we’ll forgive him for that.  Sometimes a man just needs to get paid.

  1. “Gandhi.”  This is the film that started it all for Ben Kingsley.  His portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi was nothing short of brilliant, and although the film glosses over many aspects of Gandhi’s life (as is necessary for even a 3-hour film) it won critical praise, much of which was directed at Kingsley himself.
  2. “Schindler’s List.”  In 1993, Kingsley played a role in yet another important and hugely successful historical melodrama.  This time he was in a supporting role as Itzhak Stern, the Jewish accountant of Oskar Schindler.  Although Kingsley’s role was smaller, the movie was every bit as compelling.
  3. “Sexy Beast.”  Almost two decades after his portrayal of Gandhi, Kingsley would portray one of the most un-Gandhi like characters imaginable:  the sociopathic Don Logan.  He was downright scary in this film, which went a long way toward showing the depth of his acting ability and making this one of the best Ben Kingsley movies.
  4. “Shutter Island.”  This film was a comeback of sorts for director Martin Scorsese and proved that he could make a genre film with the best of them.  Kingsley contributed to the success of the film by flexing his acting chops as Dr. John Cawley, head psychiatrist on the titular island.  It was a suspenseful psychological thriller with a twist ending, and one of the best Ben Kingsley movies.
  5. “Sneakers.”  Before the movie “Hackers” came along and portrayed computer hacking in just about the least realistic way possible, “Sneakers” came along.  It was a much more subdued movie, lacking the neon colors and MTV editing of “Hackers,” and perhaps that’s why it was such a better movie.  Ben Kingsley played the movie’s antagonist, Cosmo (not to be confused with Cosmo Kramer).  He has an evil scheme to bring the world’s economy to its knees, and only the unfairly handsome Robert Redford can stop him.  It’s not “Schindler’s List,” but it was an entertaining enough movie.
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