5 Best Bermuda Triangle Documentaries

There's no shortage of candidates when it comes to selecting the 5 best Bermuda Triangle documentaries. Mystery-wrapped enigmas are always popular and few things come more mystery-wrapped than…dun dun dun…the Bermuda Triangle. These films run the gamut from over the top sensationalism to level-headed debunkery and examples of each type made the list. The titles are listed chronologically to foster self-esteem since documentaries are notoriously sensitive to criticism.

  1. "The Devil's Triangle" is the grandfather of Bermuda Triangle documentaries and undoubtedly one of the best Bermuda Triangle documentaries. Or more accurately, “The Devil's Triangle” is a Bermuda Triangle shockumentary of the finest caliber (as movie-goers in 1974 would've happily told you). The spooky Vincent Price narration and the approximately two minutes of King Crimson's aptly named "The Devil's Triangle" looped here and there throughout made the film super neato cool in its day.
  2. "Mysteries of the Ancient World" isn’t strictly a Bermuda Triangle documentary but it includes a riveting segment about the Triangle which is enough to make it eligible to be on this list of best Bermuda Triangle documentaries. Plus, it’s hosted by the supreme oddness investigator himself, Carl Kolchak (Darren McGavin). This one originally aired on CBS in 1994 as a television docudrama. How can it not be awesome when it’s got the original Night Stalker as well as this tantalizing nugget: Einstein (allegedly) believed that the Bermuda Triangle, along with its counterpart, The Devil’s Sea in Japan, is an interdimensional corridor. A sort of time portal. Trippy huh?

  3. "Supernatural Science: The Bermuda Triangle" stays strictly in the debunking camp and takes a no nonsense, science-with-a-capital-"S" approach sure to leave any conspiracy theorist worth his salt convinced it's just another clever cover-up. Jonathan Pryce's narration is pretty much the opposite of the Vincent Price narration back in documentary one. Maybe it's the spelling. Or maybe it's that science (with a capital S) was not nearly so lighthearted in 1999 as it is today. The lighten up button was grayed out back then so they didn't really have any choice. Sad for them but hey, they made the list of best Bermuda Triangle documentaries.

  4. Nat Geo’s "Naked Science: The Bermuda Triangle" with its edgy editing, great graphics and jazzy score, stays nicely balanced. That’s an amazing feat considering that it counterbalances the Hutchinson effect (would you like electronic fog with that?) with evidence from Danish scientists claiming the magnetosphere over the Triangle is weakening faster than anywhere else on Earth. Obviously the lighten up button is working fine by 2004.

  5. "The Bermuda Triangle: Beneath the Waves" poignantly dramatizes the tragic tale of Flight 19 with bits of Triangle lore tucked in here and there. Eventually, an expert guy goes underwater in a snazzy special sub and finds fighter planes. Five of them! Mystery solved? Not so fast. The Night Stalker tells of these very same planes and the snazzy special submarine wasn’t even around then. So what happened between 1994 and 2007 to make this new news? Nothing really; it was just time for another Bermuda Triangle documentary. Rehashing is a given when it comes to the Triangle so all is forgiven. The sub footage totally rocks so…list.

Runners-up: "NOVA: The Bermuda Triangle: Uncovering the History of a Watery Graveyard" (1976), Don Brittain’s “Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle" (1978), the Sci Fi (now Syfy) Channel’s "The Bermuda Triangle: Startling New Secrets" (2005).

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