5 Best Better Sex DVDs

Enhance your sexual repertoire and lovemaking skills in the privacy of your own home with the 5 best better sex DVD's. Learn tips and techniques visually from the experts that you can implement even while you’re watching the DVD. Your partner will thank you for putting in the effort to achieve better sex. 

  1. “Sexplorations.” This three-volume set is a high quality production of the reputable Sinclair Intimacy Institute that has been providing trustworthy sexual advice for almost twenty years. Physicians and therapists often recommend these DVDs to couples seeking better sex. In it, sex experts and real couples will demonstrate every single component of better sex from foreplay to mutual masturbation to various sexual positions.
  2. “Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men.” The potential for pleasure from prostate stimulation is often overlooked, but this DVD is set on showing us how important the principal male erogenous zone really is. Tristan Taormino, an anal sex expert, explains that this is not just a DVD for gay men. Learn how to pleasure yourself and how your woman can best pleasure you in completely new ways.
  3. “The Joy of Erotic Massage.” Massage as foreplay is so crucial to better sex that it deserves its own dedicated DVD. Watch the techniques in the video to easily learn the magic of sensual touch. You’ll be able to bring your partner to heightened levels of release by becoming skilled at identifying and pleasuring her primary sexually sensitive areas.
  4. “The Modern Kama Sutra.” More couples in this day and age are catching on to the secrets of the ancient Kama Sutra text. Learn how to make the most of all five senses from the experts of the highly regarded Alexander Institute with the three DVDs in this set. Recognized as the best better sex series by "Men’s Health Magazine," you won’t want to miss out on these important tips.
  5. “Better Sex Through Yoga.” This is one of the most talked about better sex DVD series on the market, featured in CNN, "New York Magazine," and many other media outlets. Concentrate on the guidelines set out in the three DVDs of this series setting the pace from beginner to advanced methods to achieve better sex using yogic techniques. You can increase sensation and sexual stamina by stretching and strengthening your body with the exercises and postures in this DVD.
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