5 Best ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Brenda And Dylan Moments

Here are five of the best "Beverly Hills 90210" Brenda and Dylan moments. Are you a fan of the 90210 super couple Brenda and Dylan? Want a list of their five best moments in time? Want to hear more about their love and where it all started? then read on!

  1. As they say, love at first sight. The first of many Brenda and Dylan moments. You may have guessed it. This couple saw each other in the hall of West Beverly High School and just couldn't stop looking. Kelly tried to talk to Dylan, but all he can see is his new love interest Miss Brenda Walsh. This is a Brenda and Dylan moment you will want to see again and again.
  2. The knight in shining armor. This was a very romantic Brenda and Dylan moment. Yes, most people who dye their have have had at least one mishap. When Brenda tries to dye her hair blonde, it in fact turns orange. When Dylan sees her jogging, they start flirting and he offers to have someone fix her hair for her.
  3. Their first date. This Brenda and Dylan moment definitely showed some true colors. For their first date, Dylan and Brenda agree to go to the movies. However, they never did make it to the movies. Instead, they go back to Dylan's hotel room where they find his father, Jack. Dylan and Jack argue.  Dylan goes for the bottle, but Brenda stops him. He then gets really nasty and that scares her. She then runs off and he chases her. He apologizes and they then share their first kiss. This is the best Dylan and Brenda moment!
  4. Palm Springs weekend. The Brenda and Dylan moment at Palm Springs. Who can forget Brenda sleeping in a broom closet? Brenda also finds a girl in Dylan's room and kicks her butt out of there!  However, in the end the gang plays charades. When Dylan draws "Pretty Woman," he points to Brenda. This is a tearjerker best moment.
  5. Intimacy at the spring dance. The "Beverly Hills 90210" Brenda and Dylan moment everyone looked forward to. At the Spring Dance, Dylan gets a hotel room. He reassures Brenda that he loves her and everything will be ok. They sleep together for the first time and return to the dance. With smiles on their faces, they dance the night away. It's is one of the best and most romantic Brenda and Dylan moments ever.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Brenda and Dylan. These were the best of their moments together, and helped make them the "Beverly Hills 90210" super couple, at least in the beginning. Like any other good relationship, there was fighting, flirting, kissing and passion!

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