5 Best ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ David And Donna Moments

Looking for the 5 best "Beverly Hills 90210" David and Donna moments? Are you a "90210" fan? Do you want to relive the love between Donna and David? The TV show "Beverly Hills 90210" was filled with great David and Donna moments, and here are the 5 best!

  1. Season 3: "Destiny Rides Again" In this "Beverly Hills 90210" episode, Donna thinks about getting intimate with David. She feels guilty for even letting the topic enter her mind. Later in the episode, they don't wind up being intimate, and actually go to a Rosie O'Donnell show where the topic is AIDS.
  2. Season 3: "A Night to Remember" In this episode of "90210," Donna and David go to prom. Before the prom, they all have a toast. Donna drinks too much because she is nervous about having sex with David. Not only does she not have sex, but she gets caught being drunk and gets suspended.
  3. Season 4: "Windstruck" In this "Beverly Hills" episode, Donna dreams about fulfilling David's wish to be intimate on their second anniversary together. However, plans change when Donna's parents show up unannounced.
  4. Season 7: "If I Had a Hammer" In this episode of "Beverly Hills 90210," David throws a tantrum during an argument at college and cuts his hand on glass. After hostile behavior at the hospital, he has to see a psychiatrist. He is then diagnosed with a mild form of manic depression. David thanks Donna for her support though all of this and they decide to get back together.
  5. Season 10: "Ode to Joy" In the "90210" series finale, David and Donna announce their engagement. All of their friends and family pull together to give Donna and David their perfect wedding day. The day goes off without a hitch!

We hope you enjoyed reading about David and Donna. These were the best of their moments together, and these moments helped make them the "Beverly Hills 90210" super couple, at least in the beginning. Like any other good relationship, there was fighting, flirting, kissing and passion!

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