5 Best ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Season 3 Moments

What are the five best "Beverly Hills 90210" season three moments? Season three follows the gang through the summer before senior year. Brenda and Donna spend the summer in Paris and the season follows the gang's last year at West Beverly and their preparations for college. Here are the five best "Beverly Hills 90210" season three moments:

  1. Brenda gets caught with Dylan. This best "Beverly Hills 90210" season three moment comes from the very first episode of the season, "Misery Loves Company." After being forbidden from seeing Dylan at the end of season two, Brenda continues to sneak around with him. But she gets caught when her parents run into the couple together at the beach club. Brenda defies her parents and runs away from home, moving in with Dylan at his place.
  2. Kelly and Dylan hook up. While Brenda is away in Paris, Kelly and Dylan spend the summer flirting. This best season three moment is the ultimate betrayal as Brenda's boyfriend and best friend hook up while jet skiing at Paradise Cove in episode five, "Shooting Star."
  3. Brenda tells all to "Back Story." When a TV crew for the show "Back Story" visits West Beverly in episode eight, Brenda is extremely open with the interviewer, not realizing how her comments will be twisted. When the show airs, her friends are disgusted and betrayed.
  4. Jack McKay gets killed. In episode twenty, "Dead End," Dylan moves in on his father's houseboat to escape all the Brenda and Kelly drama. However, his father has mob connections, one of whom plants a bomb in his car. Jack McKay is killed as Dylan looks on in this best "Beverly Hills 90210" season three moment.
  5. "Donna Martin Graduates." In the season finale, Donna is barred from graduating after she is caught drinking at the prom. But in a show of solidarity, her classmates have a rally on her behalf, chanting "Donna Martin Graduates." The administration relents, and Donna graduates with her friends in this best "Beverly Hills 90210" season three moment.
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