5 Best ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Season 4 Moments

What are the 5 best "Beverly Hills 90210" season 4 moments? Season four represented a turning point for the 90210 gang because they graduated from West Beverly High and moved on to college and other pursuits. Season four also introduced a host of new characters. What are the five best "Beverly Hills 90210" moments from season four? Read on to find out.

  1. Brenda runs off to Las Vegas to get married. Episode ten, "And I Did It… My Way," brought us one of the five best "Beverly Hills 90210" season four moments. Brenda shocks her parents and friends by eloping with suave, rich Stuart to Las Vegas. The gang and her parents rush to Vegas to stop the wedding, but find that the couple has already called it off.
  2. Kelly comes face to face with John Sears. In season one, Kelly confesses that the guy she lost her virginity to (John Sears) spread rumors about her to the whole school. This early episode set the stage for one of the five best "Beverly Hills 90210" season four moments. It comes as a huge surprise to her friends when she runs into him at a party in episode four, "Greek to Me." Rather than tell him off, she stays up talking with John until the wee hours of the morning. Of course, drama ensues later in the season.
  3. Dylan almost shoots Brandon. After being carjacked early in the season, Dylan becomes obsessed with self-defense and purchases a gun. Growing increasingly unstable, in episode eight, "Twenty Years Ago Today," Dylan waves the gun around like a maniac. It goes off, narrowly missing Brandon, who has just walked into his house. This suspenseful scene makes the list of the five best "Beverly Hills 90210" season four moments.
  4. Andrea's daughter is born prematurely. This is one of the most dramatic "Beverly Hills 90210" season four moments. After a surprise pregnancy with her boyfriend, Jesse, Andrea gets married and is resolved to keep the baby, but she collapses and is admitted to the hospital. Her daughter, Hannah, is born at just two pounds, six ounces and fights for survival.
  5. David admits his drug problem. After his breakup with Donna, David begins abusing prescription medications. He is able to hide his addiction from his family until one afternoon he falls asleep in the park while babysitting sister Erin, who disappears. This one of the five best "Beverly Hills 90210" season four moments–Erin is found safe, but David is forced to admit his problem and seek treatment.
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