5 Best ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Season 7 Moments

Here are the 5 best "Beverly Hills 902010" season 7 moments. Are you a "90210" fan?  Want to relive Season 7? These five events are all memorable for one reason or another.

  1. Steve is jealous during the "Beverly Hills 90210 Season 7" episode entitled, "Fearless". When Claire starts dating another guy, Steve gets jealous.  When he finds out it's Dick Harris, who he can't stand, he declares war and tries to find a date for himself just to make Claire jealous. 
  2. In the Season 7  "Beverly Hills 90210" episode "Loser takes All", Kelly throws Valerie under the bus.  Kelly is overjoyed to reveal Valerie's lies.  She is more than happy to tell Brandon that Valerie extorted blackmail money and faked a pregnancy. In the end, David came to Valerie's rescue by purchasing half of the nightclub.
  3. "Judgement Day" is just that for some of the characters in this 7th season "Beverly Hills 90210" episode. Steve pleads guilty to plagiarizing Brandon's work. Professor Randall continues to go after Brandon in this case. At the last moment, Steve and Claire help prove that Brandon is innocent and Randall is out to get Brandon.
  4. In the Season 7 " Beverly Hills 90210" episode "Phantom of CU". Steve meets a prankster while doing penance for his plagiarizing.  he meets a homeless man living at the university who wants to graduate college. Larry, the homeless man, teaches Steve some of life's hard lessons like being homeless and struggling.
  5. In Season 7 the "Graduation Day (2 parts)". Kelly is more determined than ever to get Valerie out of the Walsh house.  Steve thinks about doing a senior prank.  Kelly has a 1920s themed graduation party.

Hope you had fun reliving Season 7 of " Beverly Hills 90210".  These are the highlights of the loving, fighting, and turmoil.  The original "90210" series lasted ten seasons and ended with David and Donna getting married.

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