5 Best ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Season Two Moments

What are the 5 best "Beverly Hills 90210" season two moments? After becoming a surprise hit in season one, the "Beverly Hills 90210" show amped up the drama in season two. Here are the 5 best "Beverly Hills 90210" season two moments:

  1. The accidental death of Scott Scanlon. In Episode #14, "The Next 50 Years," David's geeky childhood friend Scott Scanlon is playing with his dad's gun at his birthday party. As David looks on, the gun accidentally goes off, killing Scott. David is wracked with guilt since he has been ignoring Scott in favor of his new, cooler friends.
  2. Emily Valentine's downward spiral. Brandon becomes involved with the new girl in school, punky Emily Valentine. But, when he breaks it off with her in Episode #16 of "Beverly Hills 90210," "My Desperate Valentine," she quickly spirals out of control, stalking the Walsh family and eventually setting a homecoming float on fire.
  3. Donna stands up for premarital sex. Controversy swirls at West Beverly when Andrea lobbies for condoms to be distributed at West Beverly in "Beverly Hills 90210" season two. At a school board meeting, Donna speaks out in favor of the plan in front of her conservative mother, who believes in abstinence.
  4. The gang meets Color Me Badd. In the early 90s, there weren't too many bands cooler than Color Me Badd. In Episode #26 of "Beverly Hills 90210," "Things to Do on a Rainy Day," the gang manages to meet the band at their hotel when they are in town for a tour.
  5. Brenda sneaks off to Mexico. After breaking curfew, Brenda is forbidden from going on her planned trip to Mexico with Dylan. But she goes anyway–and when she's stopped at the border, her parents find out what she's done.
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