5 Best Bicycle Shoe Covers

The 5 best bicycle shoe covers help protect cycling shoes from all different kinds of climates. Whether windy or raining it is important to have a cycling shoe cover that keeps your feet warm and your cycling shoes clean and aerodynamic. Below are the 5 best bicycle shoe covers.

  1. Pearl Izumi Barrier Shoe Cover. As one of the best bicycle shoe covers, the Pearl Izumi Barrier will protect your feet from cold nasty weather as you cycle. Made with warm 3 mm Neoprene and fleece lining your feet are guaranteed to stay warm. They are anatomically fit with a paneling made for your feet and they have a two inch higher cuff which protects any exposed skin between the shoe cover and tights.
  2. Bellwether Stretch Aqua-No Bootie. These bicycle shoe covers are perfect since they are entirely wind and waterproof. The bicycle shoe covers are made with a breathable fabric seem sealed with reflective piping. Also they come with a zippered closure which will fit any cleat.
  3. Defeet Slipstream Booties. These bicycle shoe covers are designed to wear over your cycling shoes to protect your feet from the cold and also give you an aerodynamic advantage which makes them one of the best bicycle shoe covers. Made with an Achill-E-Shield reinforcement which adds durability in high stress areas. These shoe covers are abrasion resistant and they are also able to deflect wind. 
  4. Sidetrak Ignite Booties. These are one of the best bicycle shoe covers as they are made with an open cleat bottom which makes it easy for the cleat and pedal to meet. They are made with a velcro closure which will fit just about any cycle shoe.
  5. Mavic Pro Rain Shoe Cover 2010. The Mavic shoe cover is one of the best bicycle shoe covers. Made fully waterproof and fitted to the cycle shoe, this cover also provides aerodynamic rain protection. The shoe cover also has reflective highlights for visibility and the zipper is waterproof in addition to the cover.
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