5 Best Big Game Fishing Reels

Whether you're a fisherman or a collector, the 5 best big game fishing reels are those that must be in your possession. Everyone wants to have a reliable reel that will pull in even the biggest fish that Mother Nature has to offer. These might not come cheap, but neither does the satisfaction of a good catch.

  1. Penn International 'V' 2-Speed 16VSX Extreme. Of the Penn International series, this reel is slightly cheaper than its counterparts, but still delivers good performance for big game. Its reliability difference isn't even noticeable compared to the other, pricier reels of the same brand.

  2. Penn International TORQUE 300. This is much less expensive than the speed extreme series, but will still allow you to catch bass or any other big game that you choose. Combined with the right fishing rod and sturdy line, it will be staunchly efficient.

  3. Shimano Talica – TAC10II. The average-priced fishing reel in the Shimano Talica series. This reel won't differ from the other available reels by Shimano Talica. Big game fishes won't stand a chance of escaping with this thing at hand.

  4. Shimano Tiagra 50WLRSA. The bigger, better and much more expensive brother of the previous installment on this list. If the TAC10II truly fits your needs, this one may be considered as an upgrade.

  5. Shimano Torsa – TS20. This is basically the rich man's big game fishing reel, nearly 40% more expensive than any of the previous reels discussed on this list. Although the price shouldn't turn anyone off of it, its reliability is well worth the price. 

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