5 Best Bijou Phillips Movies

Curious about the 5 best Bijou Phillips movies? Bijou Phillips is an actress and singer who has had an unusual life. She is the daughter of the infamous John Phillips, of the Mamas and the Papas fame. She is also the half-sister of Mackenzie Phillips, Chynna Phillips and Jeffrey Phillips. She has established her acting career in only a few years, and her star continues to rise.

  1. "Almost Famous" "Almost Famous" features a strong performance from Bijou Phillips as a "band-aid." Band-aid is a polite term for groupie in the film, which is about a young high school kid who gets to follow a rock band around for an interview for "Rolling Stone." It's largely character driven, and the writing is clever and charming. Also starring are Fairuza Balk and Kate Hudson.
  2. "The Door in the Floor" "The Door in the Floor" is a powerful, performance-driven film. Bijou Phillips plays Alice. Kim Basinger, Jeff Bridges and Elle Fanning also star. It tells the story of a disintegrating marriage and the mystery of its first big hit is slowly revealed as the story of an assistant helps to send the marriage on even more slippery ground. All of the acting in the movie is quite superb, and that's a big draw to it as well.
  3. "Bully" "Bully" is a Bijou Phillips film from the controversially creative mind of Larry Clark. It's a movie that feels all too real, about what may very well happen to normal kids when they are bullied beyond sanity. Bijou Phillips plays Ali Willis, one of the misguided teenagers.
  4. "Hostel: Part II" Bijou Phillips stood out in Eli Roth's "Hostel: Part II." After the success of the original "Hostel," as is done for many horror films, there was this sequel. Bijou Phillips portrayed the role of Whitney, one of the three American college students who is studying abroad. However, the experience is nothing like she imagined it would be, in the worst possible way.
  5. "The Bridge to Nowhere" In 2009, Bijou Phillips starred in "The Bridge to Nowhere." As is indicated in a recent show business poll, most of the leading actresses in Hollywood have played prostitutes at some point in their careers; this film adds Bijou Phillips to that list. In this movie, a poor prostitute teams up with a few blue collar workers to create an escort service of their own. As is indicated by the title, that just might not be the life answer that they are seeking.


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