5 Best Billiards Pool Tables

Since tastes in billiards pool tables varies from player to player, so choosing the 5 best billiards pool tables based on individual tables is nearly impossible. The perfect table depends on your preferences for size, construction materials, decor and budget. It is far more practical to select the best billiards pool tables based on manufacturer standards. If you know who makes the best billiard pool tables, finding one to fit your tastes and budget becomes much easier. The following tables were chosen based on quality of construction, materials, reputation and playability.

  1. AMF Billiards AMF billiards pool tables provide a blend between value and quality. Prices range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, providing options for any taste or budget. Hardwood tables are hand-sanded and hand-finished. In terms of best billiards pool tables, AMF tables offer some of the least expensive options that still meet high quality standards with hardwood construction and slate tabletops.
  2. Olhausen Billiards You have to respect guys raised around the pool table industry their entire lives, who have done business with the same lumber suppliers since their inception in the '70s. Attention to detail and customer satisfaction are key to making the grade for best billiards pool tables. Known as the best in billiards, Olhausen tables feature a lifetime warranty with hardwoods processed and cured by the company itself. Economical tables start around $2,000.
  3. Spencer Marston Going up a notch in price range, these tables start around $2,800 and max at roughly $5,000. These fine examples of the best billiards pool tables feature square box hardwood framing instead of cross framing. Metal inserts ensure disassembly and reassembly does not damage legs and other parts. Three piece one-inch slate provides tournament play that meets Billiards Congress of America standards.
  4. Brunswick Billiards Brunswick is one of the best-known names in billiards pool tables. These tables are seen in pool halls and professional tournaments the world over. Dovetail joints, patented cushion rubber and real leather are just a few of the Brunswick trademark features. Expect to cough up a minimum of $3,500 for a low-end Brunswick, although if you really want the finest, check out the Isabella table for a cool $40,000. For the budget conscious, Brunswick does offer their Contender line featuring polywood and MDF construction.
  5. Vincent Facquet’s Luxury Billiards If you have a taste for only the finest and best billiards pool tables and don’t mind spending nearly 200k, there’s a luxury table for you from French billiards star, Vincent Facquet. These tables feature the same Iwan Simonis 860 cloth used on tournament tables for some of the biggest events in the billiards world. Luxury tables feature platinum or gold leaf designs on the legs, as well as platinum or gold inlays for the diamonds. Additional features include automatic ball drawers and triangle ejection. Vincent Facquet tables also happen to be the most expensive billiards pool tables in the world, if you need bragging rights.
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