5 Best Black Actors In Voodoo Movies

The 5 best black actors in Voodoo movies are those who can either mold themselves into a character archetype or play up the mythic level of black magic that accompanies the religion. Many naysayers and whistle-blowers will balk about how the Voodoo religion has a rich history of blended faiths and spiritual depth. Honestly, who cares? We're attracted to Voodoo movies because of the terrible magic and evil curses. What higher aspiration could a religion give a person than to wreck the lives of people they don't like? Watching movies like "White Zombie" and "Ouanga" only makes us wish magic were real, if only to focus our most malevolent nature onto a deserving target. Since this religion originated in places like Haiti and the Dominican Republic, it only seems right to bestow title of best Voodoo thespian on the black actors who contributed to these wonderful movies. Here is the five best black actors in Voodoo movies.

  1. Zakes Mokae as Dargent Peytraud in 1988's "The Serpent and the Rainbow."? Dargent Peytraud is one menacing figure. Mokae is the best black actor in Voodoo movies. As well as being a Voodoo practitioner, he's also head of the Haitian secret police. Peytraud informs Bill Pullman's character that not only has he been in his nightmares, but has contributed to them as well. He also looks very convincing in a Voodoo headdress.
  2. Fredi Washington as Klili Gordon in 1936's "Ouanga." A woman with supernatural powers should never be crossed. Killi Gordon is a black plantation owner who fancies another plantation owner who happens to be white. The object of her eye soon forgets about her, however, and goes for a lighter shade of female. The other woman is immediately plagued with tragedy and misfortune. Imagine if every woman on earth had this type of magic at their disposal. Yikes!
  3. Malick Bowens as Palo in 1987's "The Believers." Palo is a scary mofo. His powers as an evil Voodoo priest can be observed in even the most mundane of activities. For example, when Palo is passing through customs and the agent asks him to open his bag, Palo informs him that his bag only contains personal items. After staring into the agent's eyes, the agent lets Palo pass through unfettered. If Palo wanted, he could probably open a can of pudding just by looking at it.             
  4. Brylo Forde as Amizan in 1966's "Exorcism at Midnight" Amizan is one of those maintenance men that gives everyone the creeps. He lives alone in a shack and casts Obi-man curses on people around him. His character is the ideal loner crank who wants to spread misery to everyone, making it particularly sad at the end when he dies.
  5. Ida James as Sylvia Walton in 1939's "The Devil's Daughter." Although this movie had an all black cast, Ida James was the best black actor in this Voodoo movie because of how incredibly stupid she was able to act. Sylvia Walton is a vapid girl  from Harlem who inherits a Jamaican plantation. Her half-sister, a Voodoo practitioner, has a claim on the plantation and uses her magic to wreak havoc on Sylvia. The great thing about this movie is that Sylvia Walton is such a stupid character that it's not unreasonable to laugh when the plague befalls her.
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