5 Best Black Snowboard Goggles

Finding the best five black snowboard goggles is a matter of taste and need. The better snowboarder you are doesn’t really mean the better goggles you need. The best black snowboard goggles are based on your need, style and likes in a goggle. Though these five best black snowboard goggles are some of the best manufactured, they still may not be for you. Take a gander at these goggles and do your own research. These are exceptional products brought to you by the best manufacturers in the world.

The five best black snowboard goggles are:

  1. VonZipper Bushwick Goggle: This is a wicked and hot goggle that has all the bells and whistles. The goggles are integrated for helmet use with side hinges for ease of use. The UV lenses are dual lens for comfort and protection. The ventilation system promotes skin health and reduces glare. This is a great snowboarding goggle at any skill level.
  2. Dragon Mace Goggles – Black/Gold Ionized Lens: These sharp looking goggles will make you the talk of the slope. These stylish, practical goggles come with all the necessities for eye protection from the wind, cold, UV and other elements. Hinged side bars expand out to offer ease of helmet attachment. Boasting some of the best lenses in the business, Dragon always comes with a quality product.
  3. Terje Haakonsen Signature Series Polarized Splice Snow Goggles: Oakley has always been known for their lenses. The lens on these snowboarding goggles are tops bar none. These jet black goggles look mean and provide the greatest in UV protection. The strapping is durable as well as the frame which is reinforced to handle the toughest of rides. Balanced fit with added comfort padding around the frame offer a notch above the rest in form, fit and comfort.
  4. Roxy Torah Bright Signature Snowboard Goggles: This sports dual lens to reduce fog and promote eye comfort. The top lens is chrome for looks and style. The frame are reinforced and constructed with ultra lightweight material. Easy strap adjustment with outriggers provide flexibility for ease of removal. These are a great pair of glasses suited for any level of snowboarding.
  5. Oakley Polarized Splice Snow Goggles: Flush fitting dual and vented lenses are easy to change out based on environment. All lenses are 100% eye protection tolerant. The design is a smooth wraparound for comfort and can be easily adjusted to helmet and non-helmet use. Sturdy and durable, the Oakley family of goggles offer the best return on investment and longevity in the business.
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