5 Best Blogger Gadgets

These are the 5 best Blogger gadgets that every serious blogger needs to have. When you begin to blog, the hardest thing to figure out is what blog gadgets will actually enhance your blog. These are 5 of the best gadgets to help enhance your blog’s interaction with your readers.

  1. Google Translate My Page is one of the best blogger gadgets ever created! This blogger gadget is especially important if you plan to have any readers from other countries enjoy your blog. If you have a blog that has worldwide, information then you should add the Google Translate My Page gadget so that you do not exclude any readers. This gadget will support the following languages; Arabic, Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.
  2. A subscription gadget is a must have for any person who is hoping to have a blog following. Some people may blog for a profession, while others may blog for fun; either way, everyone blog because they are hoping that someone wants to read what they have to say! You can add blogger’s subscription gadget, or you can use subscription HTML code from whichever feed service you choose to use (i.e. FeedBurner).
  3. AdSense is an essential blogger gadget if you are hoping to earn any money on your blog. Google’s AdSense program can be one of the easiest ways to make money online, especially when you add it to your blog. These ads will show wherever you choose to place the gadget on your layout, and it will show ads that relate to the topics covered in your blog.
  4. Google Friend Connect is one of the best blogger gadgets that have been created. Google’s Friend Connect is an extremely simple and helpful way to allow people to connect with your blog. They can follow your blog simply by adding it to their friend connect by clicking on the link on your page. This means they don’t have to add your url to their RSS reader and still have simple and reliable access to your blog from the email that they already use.
  5. The YouTube Gadget on Blogger is one of the best blogger gadgets to have if you ever plan to reference a YouTube video. One of the best ways to communicate with people online is with videos. It can be much easier to watch a how-to video than to read a long, boring, descriptive article. With this gadget, your blog readers will no longer have to leave your blog to watch any of your videos or those videos that you would like to reference.
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