5 Best Blue Jeans For Men

Finding jeans that look good and fit even better is a pain in the neck, so we’ve decided to offer a bit of information on the 5 best blue jeans for men. Jeans are awful sometimes since they frequently fit in one area of the body, but not another…or one size fits so flawlessly that you’d think they were tailored exactly for you, but the exact same size in a different color or brand is too tight or too short. Anyway, for this article, we’ll be examining the top brands of jeans since styles are both few and universal (carpenter, skinny, boot-cut, and so on). So, when you’re out shopping for jeans, guys, keep an eye out for these well-known brands.

  1. Lee. This is the same brand that introduced the zipping fly to jeans several decades ago, so how can a name known for such innovation possibly be wrong? Bought new, these blue jeans for men are usually available for between 20 and 25 dollars and this brand is by no means elusive or exclusive – just a grand old, widely available classic. Due to all the aforesaid reasons, this brand tops the list of best denim brands.
  2. Levi’s. Another archetype of denim, this brand name is often said to be the choice of the cowboy…since there’s so many of those around these days and all. Comfortable and durable, Levi’s are good to wear if you’re going to be doing hard labor and need pants that won’t rip at the seams the second you sit down. One pair of these bad boys will cost you between 20 and 40 bucks, but if you have a pair that lasts for a few years, it may be well worth the investment.
  3. Wrangler. If you’re looking for economical jeans, Wrangler is the brand that has your name written all over it. This name is by no means fancy – you can find regular, relaxed-fit Wrangler blue jeans for men at any K-Mart or Wal-Mart, often times for 20 bucks or less. So, if you want jeans, but not the hefty designer price tag, check these out sometime. They aren’t gorgeous, but if it’s all you can afford, beggars can by no means be choosers, now can they?
  4. Abercrombie & Fitch. These jeans lean more toward style than durability…as in these jeans, while often very fashionable, are not built to last. But if you’re into colors besides sky blue and maybe looking for something that’s been blanched at the knees and butt, by all means look into what Abercrombie & Fitch has to offer. Being designer-but-not-too-designer jeans, these ones are going to be more expensive than what you’d find at your local Big Box Mart – expect to pay no less than 50 dollars per pair of jeans from these folks.
  5. Gap. Dumb name, but this brand offers blue jeans for men that are practical, comfortable, semi-affordable and attractive. Most of the options for men’s jeans they offer look pretty cool, so it’s at least worth taking a gander.

Before going shopping for jeans, it’s heavily advised that you have an idea in mind as far as what style and quality you’re looking for (work versus play). Also, it’s very highly recommended that you buy your jeans from an actual physical store as opposed to an online store. This is just so you can try on the jeans and figure out if they fit the way you want them to or not; even two pair of jeans from the same brand and of the same size may fit differently, so it’s best to try everything on prior to making a purchase.

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