5 Best Blues Internet Radio

Some fools actually believe blues music is dead; they obviously are not listing to one of the 5 best blues internet radio stations. Blues, while perhaps not the trendiest genre, still remains a popular form of music among the young and old alike. Internet radio stations make it easier for music lovers world wide to enjoy the sounds of their favorite genre no matter where they are.

  1.  KOQX Internet Blues Radio.  This station is out of San Jose, California. One great thing about this station is that it plays blues all the time commercial free. Listeners of this station are able to make donations to the station via pay pal.  Letting visitors listen to blues for free twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week is why this is one of the best internet blues radio stations.
  2. Blues Radio UK. This station plays a wide variety of both new and old blues music. Listeners of this radio station can visit the radio stations playlist online. Letting listeners request their favorite blues songs over the internet is why this is one of the best blues internet radio stations.
  3. Blues City Radio. This station plays all different types of blues music including electric, Texas, and Delta blues music. Listeners will hear both well known artists and indie artists on this station.  Keeping about twenty-five percent of their tracks for independent music artist is why this is why this is one of the best internet blues radio stations.
  4. Detour Blues. Listeners of this station can watch what is happening at the radio station by watching the web cam online. Listeners can also chat live with the host of radio station on the internet. Letting listeners be able to listen to the music on certain brands of smart phones is why this is one of the best internet blues radio stations.
  5. Blues Escape. This station plays traditional as well as Delta blues music. Besides hearing great blues music listeners will always be able to hear the latest national news. Always playing consistently good blues music is why this is one of the best internet blues radio station.



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