5 Best Bmw Motorcycles

If you’re into motorcycles, especially the BMW brand, then you’ll definitely need to check out the 5 best BMW motorcycles. From the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure to the BMW R 1200 R, there are many excellent BMW motorcycles currently on the market for sale.

  1. BMW K 1300 S. The BMW K 1300 S is one pretty rad BMW motorcycle. This motorcycle purrs to life as gently as a lamb yet it has the power and force of a raging lion. Whether you plan on heading out for a leisurely ride into town or for a long road trip, this is the perfect BMW motorcycle for you.
  2. BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. If you’re an outdoor junkie then the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure motorcycle is the best BMW motorcycle for you. Whether you plan on heading out for a scenic drive through the mountains or roughing it along a lone desert road, this particular BMW motorcycle will take you there.
  3. BMW HP2 Sport. The BMW HP2 Sport motorcycle is affordable, stylish and durable. This BMW motorcycle features a tubular designed frame with milled cast aluminum wheels. Not only is this motorcycle stylish and durable, it’s also great for speed junkies as it has a maximum speed capacity of 120 mph.
  4. BMW K 1200 LT. If you like riding in pairs then the BMW K 1200 LT is the best BMW motorcycle for you. This bike is durable, affordable and stylishly designed. If you want a motorcycle that rides smoothly and comfortably then look no further than BMW’s very own K 1200 LT model.
  5. BMW R 1200 R. If you’re the type of guy that enjoys city life then the BMW R 1200 R is the best BMW motorcycle for you. This particular motorcycle features 109 hp, an automatic stability control function and a killer design. Be aware that riding around on this motorcycle will definitely get you a few head turns and stares from passersby.



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