5 Best BMX Bike Tires

There are 5 best BMX tires, but it's hard to choose what's best for each individual rider. Everyone has their own choice, but there are a few the best universally.

  1. Maxxis Holly Rollers is at the top of the list of 5 best BMX tires, for their all around use. If you are riding in dirt be careful, they have a grip that will hold on for those shape turns. If you’re riding on the pavement, hold on—these tires will really get you moving.
  2. Shadow Undertaker. They have a directional tread that is out of this world, that way no matter what you are riding on going to have all the grip you need, not to forget about the speed.
  3. Michelin Diabolo is one of the 5 best BMX tires on the market. They are hard to puncture, that makes them last long and you get your money’s worth out of them. This makes them a great tire.
  4. Continental Speed King Cyclocross. They have that all important studded grip to keep you moving and let you get as much speed as you can. The studs keeps your tires from coming out from under you in those tight turns.
  5. Kenda MX K50. They are the perfect replacement tire. They will be what you need. The company that makes them works on them all the time, to insure you get the tire and safety you want and expect.
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