5 Best BMX Bikes Frames

If you’re looking for a BMX bike frame, then you’re probably wondering what the five best BMX bikes frames are. This is an opinionated topic, and the real answer is It depends what you’re using it for. Most of these five BMX bikes frames are for freestyle because you can use them for different styles. Generally, pay attention to what country it was made in and the materials it’s made of.

  1. Haro Convert. Famous freestyle rider, Dave Mirra, rode a Haro bike, which is credit to this company's frames. Convert is shortened from convertible, and that means this frame is multifunctional. You can really customize your setup with one of these BMX bikes frames. It comes in a variety of graphics and colors, and there is a frame for people of all heights. Also, it’s made of 4130 chromoly steel, which is widely accepted as one of the best bike frame materials.
  2. Eastern Journey. This is a solid frame, and it is also made of 4130 chromoly steel. It’s fairly light, weighing about 4.25 pounds. Even though it's light, it’s still made of 4130 chromoly steel, and it can take some serious abuse. The only downfall with this frame may be that it’s made of Japanese chromoly. Usually, look for all American bikes, but it's still a great frame regardless.
  3. Hoffman Bikes' Bama. Anybody interested in freestyle BMX in the past decade has probably heard of Mat Hoffman. He was one of the craziest men in the sport, and he makes some sick bmx bikes frames as well. This frame is 100% 4130 chromoly steel, and Hoffman Bikes are definitely American. It comes in  two standard sizes: 20.5 inch and 21 inch, and it has three sick and unique styles to choose. In short, it’s hard to go wrong with a frame from Hoffman Bikes.
  4. Hoffman Bikes' Strowler. Yes, another Hoffman frame. This one is made of the same steel as the other and the frame size choices are a little smaller with this bike frame. It’s the signature bike of Kevin Jones, who’s a flatland legend. If flatland is your thing, this is a frame you should look into.
  5. S&M L.T.F. Frame. S&M is known for building solid bikes, and this frame is sick. You can get it in four different sizes, and it’s made of some seriously strong materials. S&M managed to brew up some crazy concoction of alloys, and made one strong, durable frame. If you abuse your bikes bad, look into this one.

These are the five best BMX bikes frames for general purposes, and more importantly, they are made of strong materials. Finally, if you want a good frame, you should expect to pay quite a bit for it. Most of these bikes frames cost a good chunk of change.

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