5 Best Board Game Characters

The 5 best board game characters can be found in Clue and Monopoly. Many people will argue this point because there are so many timeless games, but do all board games have characters that have touched so many people? The five best board game characters all lie in the best murder mystery game and best economics game of all time.

  1. Colonel Mustard The yellow piece in Clue and one of the most interesting characters because of his military background. Colonel Mustard tops the list of the best board game characters, but don't accuse this British military official if you aren't sure he's the suspect. He is a tough man and he will be gunning for you.
  2. Mrs. White The white piece in Clue. Mrs. White is the maid of the manor and because of her role, she is pretty inconspicuous. She generally is not accused of murder, but many times she's the one you least suspect.
  3. Mr. Green The green piece in Clue comes from a line of sly talkers. Mr. Green manipulates the situation and slides investigators in all different directions. He is a hard man to pin down, but his confusion does not mean he necessarily committed murder.
  4. Professor Plum The purple piece in Clue. This man is so scattered-brained, it hides his brilliance. He could easily put the whole mystery together if he could pick his thoughts out of all the different reaches of his brain.
  5. Mr. Monopoly The face of a franchise of games. Monopoly has taken on many themes, such as states, football and baseball. The piece that remains consistent is the face on the box. Mr. Monopoly is a staple of the most famous economics game ever.
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