5 Best Board Sex Games

Having and playing at least a couple of the five best board sex games can put the fire back into a lackluster relationship. These games can also enhance and build up a brand new relationship. They are a great way to get to know someone fast. 

  1. Kama Sutra. Roll the dice and move the required amount of squares. When you arrive at your destination on the board, you will be given instructions about what you are to do to your partner. It may be as simple as a loving kiss or it may be more detailed. This game is a good way to explore different positions and learn what foreplay your partner likes.
  2. 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex. This is one of the five best board sex games available. You should own it if you are trying to have sex more often. Play the game and you will have sex with your partner twice a week for a year — once while you are playing and another later in the week. It involves answering trivia questions and creating secret seductions.
  3. Sensations Game. A game based on accumulating favor cards that players get to redeem later. It focuses on developing and using all five senses in sensual and passionate ways. Lotions are included to develop the sense touch. It also includes challenge cards to put your partner on a dare.
  4. Tantric Lovers. A sexy board game that helps lovers increase their sensuality and enhance their intimate experiences with each other. This happens by way of Tantra, a spiritual method of becoming more intimate with a partner.
  5. Sexplay. This is one of the five best board sex games because there are no losers. When foreplay needs a little kick in the pants, this game can do it for a couple. Players turn a spinner that determines a stimulating sex scenario to act out. The scenarios don't leave much room to the imagination because they are specific about what, where and how you will do something to your partner.
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