5 Best Boards For East Coast Surfing

If you are an east coast surfer, learn about the 5 best boards for east cost surfing. Typically when people imagine surfing, they think of Mexico or California, but this doesn't mean there aren't great surfing spots in North Carolina or even New York. Most importantly, you have to have a good board for east cost surfing. Any of these five best surfboards will make east coast surfing a great experience:

  1. Epoxy Performance Shortboard. This best east coast surfboard is ideal for the advanced surfer. This surfboard is a shortboard and measures 6'6." This best board was made by surfer, Craig Gonzolez and is lightweight and fast. The only drawback to the Epoxy Performance shortboard is that is doesn't turn sharp and it has more buoyancy than other surfboards.
  2. Channel Islands Flyer II Surfboard. This best east cost surfing surfboard has fins and a swallow tail. You can surf any waters with this surfboard. You will be able to float easily when the waves are small. The fins on the Channel Islands Flyer will help you keep your balance in unpredictable waters. This surfboard is 6.6 feet tall and 19.6 inches wide.
  3. Minami Big Bruddah FP345 Surfboard. The Big Bruddah comes with a finbox which can be used as a thruster or as a quad. This best east coast surfboard features a squashtail and added drive for the best east coast surfing performance. This surfboard is quick and turns sharply with efficiency.
  4. Minami Grouper Fun. This best east coast surfboard is a hybrid (a cross between a shortboard and a longboard). The Minami Grouper is 7.4 feet tall and 25.5 inches wide. The Grouper paddles well with low entry and features a special tail rocker The Miniami Grouper was featured in the 2009 Edition of Surfer Magazine's "best surfboard buying guide." This board comes with FCS fins.
  5. Channel Islands Wooden Biscuit. This best east coast surfboard features sustainable wood materials. The Wooden biscuit measures 6'2 inches high and is considered to be a shortboard. This best surfboard is made in the east coast and the wood makes it lightweight, ideal for riding east coast waves. This board is durable and it is resistant to cracking and scratches.
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