5 Best Boats Light Enough To Take Hiking

To determine 5 Best Boats Light Enough To Take Hiking, the judging criteria was limited to the weight to be packed followed by price. The five best boats light enough to take hiking all fold up. The size of the pack was not a judging criterion, but was included in the description when it was available. So…

  1. Pakboat Puffin Sport. Pakboats puts out a line of folding kayaks called Puffin. The puffin sport 10.5 feet is easily packed at seventeen pounds and a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Priced online at $595
  2. XT Kayaks are also put out by Pakboats. The 16 foot solo has a weight capacity of 460 pounds, weighs 46 pounds and folds up into a  33”x21”x14” pack. These dimensions make this the most portable kayak available. Price online listed at $1995.
  3. Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame High Performance Inflatable kayak is a foldable pack size 30”X17”x10”. Length 10.5’ 36 pounds and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, which has an inflatable hull. No price listed.
  4. The Innova Kayak Twist II is inflatable, weighs 23 pounds, has a weight capacity of 396 pounds and folds up into a sixteen pound 16”x10”x8” pack. This is a very versatile boat to take hiking and/or camping, as well as affordable.  $499 online price.
  5. Sea Eagle puts out the SE-330 which is an inflatable kayak/canoe that packs down to fit in a storage bag with the dimensions of 24”x16”x7”, and has enough cargo space for camping supplies to last several days. This inflatable boat is perfect for fishing, yacht tending or skin diving. Weight capacity 500 pounds, weighs 26 pounds, and assembles in about six minutes. The definitive difference in this light weight boat is the skegs attached to the bottom to improve tracking in the water. $300 – $350

Every one of these boats are light enough to take hiking and sturdy enough to hold you and your gear once you get to the water. Your choice of boat will depend on where you are going, how far you will have to pack the boat and your physical condition. If you are a beginner, you will need to decide if weight or stability is more important to you. Whichever of these boats you decide is light enough to take hiking, you are sure to enjoy your time spent on the water.

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