5 Best Body Board Bags

If you’re into body boarding, then you’ll need to protect and carry your equipment with the best body board bags, so here's the 5 best body board bags. Body boarding is a cool way to surf the waves. It’s more adventurous than regular surfing and the tricks you do are a lot more awesome. The problem begins when you need to travel and carrying your board becomes a hassle. Use these bags to make your traveling easier and more comfortable.

  1. ebodyboarding Bodyboard Sling. This body board sling allows you to carry your board with ease. The bag is light weight and sturdy enough to hold your board. The strap comes out as well. Check it out online for around $23.
  2. eBodyboarding 2-Board Padded Reflector Bag. If you have to boards to carry, then consider buying the 2-Board Padded Reflector bag. This bag is easy on traveling and can be taken anywhere. The drainage holes let out excess water and the over-size pocket is great for holding your fins and other important surfing needs. Get it online for $55.
  3. Science Tri-Pouch Bodyboard Bag by Mike Stewart. Travel from beach to beach with this great product. It doesn’t matter if your body board is dry or dripping wet, the bag performs well. You get three pouches for keeping your fins and other stuff. The bag is reinforced for better durability. There are wet and dry pouches and it keeps the sand out. The back pack straps allow you to wear it comfortably and get where you need to go without too much hassle. Grab it online at $60.
  4. Ally 1-3 Bodyboard Bag. This body board fits up to 3 bags. It comes with a large pouch for your items and has a padded handle. It sells around $30.
  5. Balin Pro Travel Triple Bodyboard Bag. This Balin model has room for three body boards. It's sturdy enough to carry all your things while traveling on plane, car or hiking. The extra padding provides good protection for your boards. The outer silver coating protects against heat and sun damage as well. You can get this water proof bag for around $60.
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