5 Best Body Board Fins

Good equipment is necessary for great bodyboarding sessions so here's the 5 best bodyboard fins that will help your overall water ability. Different surfers have different kick styles so the shape of the fin will affect people differently. For example, if you walk like a duck (rather than pointing straight, your feet point outwards) then the dolphin fin designs might work better than the stubby fins. Bodyboard fins are a matter of personal choice but these brands have consistently been the top rated choices for spongers all over the world.


  1. Churchill Makapuu. Churchill Makapuus have been a historic favorite of bodyboarders since bodyboarding was invented. The dolphin tail shape was designed in the 1930’s and not much has changed for these powerful swim fins. There have been some blade design upgrades and the Makapuu line floats. The biggest complaint is the weight. They are a bit heavier and pretty stiff compared to other fins but they are also more rugged. The classic blue and yellow tipped design is a common sight in the lineup and with good reason. The mid rage price and durability make this fin a great overall buy.
  2. Viper. Viper bodyboard fins are cut straight across and are known for their stiffness. The combination of a lighter design with the rigid, straight blade offers a powerful thrusting capability. Not everyone can use these types of fins however. Surfers who walk like ducks or grew up using Churchills will have to make adjustments to their kicking style.
  3. Hydro Tech Swim Fins. The original Hydro Tech fins featured a triangular tipped blade. The newer designs have rounded down the point but the other features that made the fin popular are still evident. This is one of the most comfortable swim fins with a soft pocket for your foot. The comfort level means fewer rashes but if you surf everyday or wear fin socks, that’s no big deal. These are the official fins that the Australian lifeguards use.
  4. Voit Duck Fins. These are shaped like…yeah you got it, duck feet. The design and feel is similar to Viper fins but Voit Duck fins are longer. These are popular not only amongst bodyboarders but bodysurfers enjoy them as well. Most bodyboard fins are short and stubbed to create quick blasts of propulsion but Voit Duck fins are popular for swimming as well as surfing because you can cruise effortlessly with them. If you are used to shorter fins, you will face a learning curve.
  5. BZ Rubbers. Probably one of the best all around bodyboard fins if you enjoy the dolphin tail shaped fins. BZ Rubbers are not only incredibly comfortable, they are the perfect hybrid between the thrusting power of stiff blades and the cruising power of flexible designs. The rubber used in this powerful fin is not as durable as Churchills or Vipers but the performance is notably better which makes purchasing new fins every season bearable. Many bodyboarders buy these fins one size too small because the rubber stretches out over time and the worst feeling in the world is losing a fin in a massive set.
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