5 Best Bodysurfing Beaches: Hawaii

If you’re an adamant bodysurfing enthusiast and plan on visiting the beautiful state of Hawaii anytime soon, then you’re definitely going to need to know about the 5 best bodysurfing beaches in Hawaii. From the popular Sandy Beach to the beautiful White Sands Beach, there are many beaches in Hawaii that are perfect for bodysurfing.

  1. Sandy Beach. One of the most popular beaches in Hawaii, hence the most crowded, is the beautiful Sandy Beach. This beach is one of the best bodysurfing beaches in Hawaii for seasoned bodysurfers. Due to its well know shore break waves and strong currents, the University of Hawaii states that Sandy Beach is perfect for the “experienced” bodysurfer only. According to Hawaii Beach Safety, lifeguards were stationed on Sandy Beach after many visitors misjudged the dangers and risks this beach boasts. While there are indeed lifeguards on duty at this beach, always use caution when bodysurfing.
  2. Hamoa Beach. Hamoa Beach is another one of the best bodysurfing beaches in Hawaii. This beach features great waves, a lush environment, crystal clear waters and a low key destination. According to DrBeach, Hamoa Beach is so low-key that to get to this particular beach you’ll have to take the treacherous “Road to Hana”, a road featuring 1,000 foot drop-offs. 
  3. White Sands Beach. The breathtakingly beautiful White Sands Beach easily makes the cut at being one of the best bodysurfing beaches in Hawaii. The White Sands Beach is perfect for both beginner and experienced bodysurfers, so if you’re a family man this is the perfect beach in Hawaii to take your entire crew to.
  4. Waikiki Beach. The Waikiki Beach is one of the best, if not the best, bodysurfing beach in Hawaii that’s specifically geared towards beginners. While this is a great beach suited towards the beginner, it’s also one of the most popular, so if you hate crowds you might want to try another beach.
  5. Makapu’u Beach Park. The Makapu’u Beach is another one of the best bodysurfing beaches in Hawaii. According to the University of Hawaii, the Makapu’u beach is better suited for professional or experienced bodysurfers due to its strong currents and undertow, so use caution when venturing out on this particular beach. 


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