5 Best ‘Bolt’ Movie Quotes

The 5 best "Bolt" movie quotes can be enjoyed by all ages. The animated movie "Bolt" is about an action TV star dog named Bolt that lives a pampered life. Bolt gets shipped across the country by accident, and meets a cat named Mittens and a hamster named Rhino. They pull together to help Bolt make his way back home. Along the way Mittens and Rhino try to teach Bolt that his TV life was not real, and he is a normal dog without superpowers. The best "Bolt" movie quotes are cute, adorable, and can make anyone smile.

  1. "Yes, so if you want to keep it inside your body, where it belongs, you should stop jumping off trucks doing eighty on the interstate!" – Mittens. Bolt is still under the impression he has superhero strength, and winds up cutting his paw in real life. Alley cat Mittens sarcastic response to Bolt wondering why red liquid is coming out of his paw is one of the best "Bolt" movie quotes. It is a cute quote because it shows how oblivious Bolt is to real world situations. It shines light on how pampered and sheltered Bolt has been his entire life.
  2. "They pretend they're going to always be there for you, and then one day they pack up and move away and take their love with them, and leave their de-clawed cat to fend for herself! They leave her, wondering what she did wrong." – Mittens. While talking about humans abandoning pets, Mittens says one of the best "Bolt" movie quotes. It is a sentimental line that makes you feel sympathy for all abandoned animals. The movie quote brings another dimension to Mittens, who up until then had a hard no nonsense exterior. That one quote reveals Mittens is a jaded cat that became cynical after being left behind by supposedly loving owners.
  3. "That meat lover's pizza is NOT loving me back at all!" – Rhino. One of the best "Bolt" movie quotes happens after the hamster Rhino gets an upset stomach. The quote is a great play on words, and can be enjoyed by everyone. The movie "Bolt" does a great job of always keeping the lines appropriate for all ages. Even though it is an animated movie, the clean cut humor is perfect for kids and adults.
  4. "[stomach growls again] That! Okay, you have two seconds to tell me what you've implanted in me, cat! Poison? A parasite? Poison? Wait, I just said that, didn't I? See, I'm all discombobulated! I can't think straight!" – Bolt. TV star Bolt never experienced hunger because there has always been someone to take care of his every need. When Bolt experiences stomach growls for the first time he thinks Mittens sabotaged his meal. Mittens tries to explain what hunger is, but Bolt refuses to listen too her logic. One of the best "Bolt" movie quotes because it is funny to see how worked up Bolt gets trying to figure out what was placed in his food.
  5. "How do you say "No way I'm doing this" in crazy?" – Mittens. Bolt keeps trying to convince Mittens to do crazy tasks, and finally she responds with a humorous quote. Bolt still thinks he can do outrageous stunts in the real world, and Mittens has a hard time convincing him otherwise. Mittens always has a quick response for his demands, and this is one of the best comebacks. It is one of the best "Bolt" movie quotes that has an adorable quality, which can make a child or adult laugh.
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