5 Best ‘Bones’ Episodes Ever

For exciting Booth and Brennan moments, check out the 5 best “Bones” episodes ever. “Bones” is an American TV series that premiered on the FOX television network in 2005. Each episode follows an FBI special agent (Seeley Booth) and a forensic anthropologist (Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan) as they work to solve a murder case. “Bones” fans have their own favorite episodes, but these five are sure to be on most lists.

  1. “Aliens In A Spaceship.” Many fans rank “Aliens In A Spaceship” as the best “Bones” episode ever. It originally aired November 15, 2006, during the show’s second season. Brennan and Hodgins, “the bug and slime guy,” are buried alive by a serial killer called The Grave Digger. Audiences get to learn more about these characters and the rest of the team, as they work to find their friends before time runs out.
  2. “Two Bodies In The Lab.” “Two Bodies In The Lab” is an episode from the first season of “Bones.” It originally aired March 15, 2006. As Brennan and Booth investigate two different murders from two different cases, Brennan’s life becomes threatened. While trying to protect her, Booth is injured by an explosion. But he doesn’t let his injury get in the way as he attempts to rescue Brennan from the murderer who kidnaps her.
  3. “The Man In The Fallout Shelter.” “The Man In The Fallout Shelter” is another great episode from the first season of “Bones.” It opens with a routine lab examination that trips the biohazard alert system. This results in the entire team being quarantined to the lab during Christmas weekend. This is one of the best episodes because audiences get to learn more about each of the characters on the show.
  4. “The Wannabe In The Weeds.” “The Wannabe In The Weeds” is an episode from the third season of “Bones.” It originally aired May 12, 2008. The show opens with open mic night. The death of an aspiring singer sends the team on a murder investigation, and a stalker sets her sights on Booth. Brennan and Zach reveal their hidden vocal talents, and the show ends with a cliffhanger.
  5. “The Pain In The Heart.” “The Pain In The Heart” starts where “The Wannabe In The Weeds” left off. This episode from the third season, which aired May 19, 2008, is one of the most popular “Bones” episodes to date. When Bones receives a macabre package in her lab at the Jeffersonian, the team works hard to solve the Gormogon case. An explosive conclusion in this episode ends with a shocking revelation.
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