5 Best Bono Style Sunglasses

The five best Bono style sunglasses are sunglasses that look best on a Bono-shaped face. For those who don’t possess a Bono-shaped face, there are many non-Bono style sunglasses in sunglass-land that will be just right for you. If you are rocking a Bono mug, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Fly Shades. These are the sunglasses Bono wore as his “The Fly” persona on the Zoo TV Tour (Achtung Baby!).  These were also the style of shades he handed over to Pope John Paul II, who famously flashed a wicked grin upon trying them on. Fly Shades aren't meant for mundane mortals, really. It's a look only Spiderman can pull off well. Oddly, the fly style sunglasses were an ok fit for Bono's face, suggesting that he is no mere mortal.

  2. Romeo Gigli 191. Awesome sunglasses with the lens color carried through on the arms. Bono wore this style of sunglasses in lots of live shows. For true Bono style, go with the blue or the smoke colored lenses.

  3. Romeo Gigli 221. Bono style sunglasses are more often rimless than not these days. This model is rimmed and is one of the few styles of sunglasses Bono wears that fall into the more traditional-looking category.

  4. Bvlgari 519. This style and others in the Bvlgari (or Bulgari, for the non-purists among us) line are rumored to be among Bono’s favorites for offstage. These sunglasses are great in blue for that casual “Yeah, I wear sunglasses at night” look or in dark green for giving off the “I’m a rock star but let’s not make a big deal of it” vibe.

  5. Emporio Armani 9592. What makes these Bono style sunglasses stand out is the star detail on the arms, right at the temple. The crystal red lenses Bono rocks may be a bit much for most shade aficionados but these sunglasses rule in both the brown and gray versions. 

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