5 Best Books On Body Language

Read these 5 best books on body language to gain insight into how our bodies speak. Body language is about what you don’t say. It’s about what you do. These books on body language help you understand gestures, facial expressions, the way a person stands and other movements. This knowledge can get you a job, a girl, and even give you the scoop on how to be a better poker player.

  1. "The Definitive Book of Body Language" This international bestseller was written by a 30-year expert in body language. It’s the most comprehensive, research-based book on non-verbal communication. It is written with lots of insight and humor. Learn to read others’ body language, and how to project your own. Get a girl, a job, control and always make the right impression with the info in this book.
  2. "You Say More Than You Think" Practice very specific, step-by-step body language to convey confidence and control in any situation. In seven days, you can make a strong change in your own body language, as well as have a better understanding of others’ body language. Written by a former ATF body language expert.
  3. "Unmasking the Face" According to this research-based book, the six basic emotions include happiness, fear, anger, surprise, disgust/contempt and sadness. This read helps you recognize each, even when someone is trying to hide what he feels. You will not only observe better, but use your own facial expressions more effectively after reading this book.
  4. "The Power of Body Language" The author of this title appears weekly on the O’Reilly factor on Fox TV as a body language expert. Learn to be more confident, authoritative and open to women. This includes a great explanation of the differences in male and female body language.
  5. "What Every BODY Is Saying" Written by an ex-FBI agent, this book helps you know who’s lying and who’s not. It includes a lot of information about how our limbic brain, the part of us that’s in charge of body language, works. Best of all, it includes photos of people doing various “tells,” or types of body language.

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