5 Best Borat Movie Scenes

If you want to watch a movie that will make you laugh and forget everything that went wrong with your day, watch the movie "Borat", and play close attention to these 5 best "Borat" movie scenes. These scenes are all found in the movie "Borat", which has the deceptive full movie title, "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan". This 2006 movie is a mock documentary about a foreigner who travels to America, 'The Greatest Country in The World'. On his journey through America, Borat has some crazy adventures. The other people in the video all believe that they are being filmed for a real documentary and do not realize that Borat is actually an actor named Sacha Baron Cohen who is just playing the part of Borat.

  1. Borat finds a yard sale – This is a pivotal moment in the movie as it is when Borat finds an old Baywatch book at a yard sale, which features photographs of the beautiful Pamela Anderson in her Baywatch uniform. He instantly falls in love and purchases the book from the woman he thinks is a gypsy selling her trinkets.
  2. Borat gets testicles on his face – Hands down, the most hilarious of all the "Borat" movie scenes is the scene where Borat gets in a wrestling match with his friend  Azamat, while both are completely naked. The nude wresting match begins in a hotel room when the two argue after Borat catches Azamat masturbating to a picture of Pamela Anderson, whom Borat has fallen in love with. During the fight Azamat's testicles end up sitting on Borat's chin and the two chase each other completely naked through the hotel and past hotel guests. This scene is absolutely hysterical and you should be prepared to laugh until your sides hurt!
  3. Borat meets drunk college frat guys – After Azamat and Borat argue, Azamat leaves Borat alone at the hotel where he has no transportation, money or identification. Borat stumbles across a group of drunk college frat guys who welcome him into their travel trailer to share a drink. When Borat reveals that he is in love with Pamela Anderson, and is on a mission to meet her, the scene takes a drastic turn. The drunk frat guys proceed to show Borat the Pam & Tommy Lee sex tape, which is when Borat realizes for the first time that Pamela Anderson is not the virgin he thought she was. It is during this visit that the frat guys made some pretty racist remarks that came back to haunt them in real life.
  4. Borat poops in a bag and brings it to the dinner table – This is one of the best "Borat" movie scenes for several reasons. First of all, it's hilarious. Second of all, it sparked so much controversy, it actually caused a lawsuit after the film was released. In this scene, Borat attends an eating club in the South where manners mean everything. Because Borat is foreign, he has no social skills at all and continuously makes faux pas after faux pas, including bringing a bag of poop to the dinner table, showing the hostess a nude photo of his teenage son, and inviting an African-American prostitute to be his guest.
  5. Borat meets Pam Anderson –  In the climax of the movie, Borat finally makes his way to California where he meets Pam Anderson at a book signing event.  This proves to be one of the best "Borat" movie scenes after he attempts to kidnap her from the event and ends up chasing after her in the parking lot after a botched attempt at proposing marriage.
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