5 Best Bourbon Cocktails

Here are five of the best bourbon cocktails. Unlike most liquors, Bourbon didn’t start out as a cocktail base, but it has held its own over the years. Check out some of the best examples.

  1. Kentucky B + B One of the simplest bourbon cocktails you’ll ever make. Just pour bourbon and Benedictine into a glass and stir. It’s the perfect cocktail to sit and enjoy in a dark gentlemen or ladies only club while you're comfy in a huge leather chair.
  2. Bourbon Sour A traditional bourbon cocktail and one of the most popular. It’s also easy to make, just mix bourbon, lemon juice, and some superfine sugar and serve. It’s one of those hard-to-find good sours among cocktails, and one of the classics.
  3. Rebel Yell A classic bourbon cocktail from the Deep South. It’s bourbon, lemon juice, Triple Sec, and an egg white mixed in a shaker and poured over new ice. A good drink for those weekend poker games and parties that can get rowdy.
  4. Ragged Company A relatively lesser-known bourbon cocktail, but still a definite must. Just mix bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Benedictine, and bitters and pour. Though its name conjures images marching soldiers for some, it’s still a drink to relax with.
  5. Louisville Cooler For those summer afternoons, mix bourbon, orange juice, lime juice, and powered sugar over ice—a great substitute for lemonade. Also a pleasant drink to enjoy while watching your favorite horse round the race track.
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