5 Best Boutique Hotels In The Caribbean

The 5 best boutique hotels in the Caribbean are scattered throughout the region, located on a variety of islands. The term "boutique hotels" was created to describe unique hotel locations, which can either be considered eccentric or the lap of luxury. The best boutique hotels in the Caribbean will require guests to have deep pockets, but in return for that higher cost, guests will receive every possible amenity imaginable.

  1. Half Moon Resort at Rose Hall. A five-star Jamaican resort in Montego Bay sits on 400 tropical acres and features traditional Georgian-style architecture, in addition to a variety of modern restaurants, facilities and activities. According to "Travel and Leisure Magazine," Half Moon Resort has been rated one of the "World's Best Resorts" for the fourth time in five years. 
  2. Kamalame Cay. A private 96-acre island featuring a boutique hotel and resort that can only be reached by plane, Kamalame Cay is situated on the beach surrounded by luxurious palms. Its 19 villas boast a rustic feel, with antiquated Indonesian furniture and decor, and luxury soaking tubs that easily fit more than one person. Kamalame Cay is the place for you, if you're looking for a secluded hideaway that is not only beautiful, but also relaxing and therapeutic. 
  3. Covecastles. Built by modern architect Myron Goldfinger, Covecastles is one of the most expensive boutique hotels in the Caribbean with some of its 16 villas costing up to $1,500. Located right on the beach and featuring its own five-star restaurant, Covecastles was created to impress and serve its guests. Whatever you wish for while staying here, just ask for it, and you shall receive it from the accommodating staff.
  4. Jade Mountain. Get away from it all literally at Jade Mountain. This five-star boutique hotel offers a technology free environment, unbelievable views of the surrounding mountains and Caribbean Sea, plus open-wall infinity pools. Enjoy the resort's 24 luxury suites, hot tubs and jacuzzi's, full-bar and restaurant and on-site spa. 
  5. Pink Sands Resort. One of the celebrities’ favorite boutique hotels in the Caribbean, the Pink Sands is a private hideaway that's not only glamorous, but also relaxing. Situated on 20-acres along the sandy beaches of Harbour Island, the Pink Sands features 25 private cottages each in its own exclusive spot, allowing for ultimate seclusion, and low-key vacation time. 
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