5 Best Bowling Alleys In Chicago

When visiting one of the most famous cities in the United States, check out the 5 best bowling alleys in Chicago. These are places where fun is guaranteed. The spirit of Chicago can almost be tasted in the air in these alleys.

  1. Lucky Strike Lanes. Located on 322 East Illinois Street, this lounge is what a bowling alley should look like. Complete with dining services and even hosts private parties, this alley deserves to be the massive success it is.
  2. Home of Waveland Bowl. Officially the largest bowling center in Chicago. On 3700 North Western Avenue, this alley has won numerous awards and isn't too modest to show them off. Easily accessible by public transportation as well. A great recommendation for any visitors to Chicago or residents.
  3. Chicago Bowling Alley. The name may not be the most inspired one we've ever come across, but the service and lanes are top notch. On 2646 West Fullerton, this alley is complete with its own bar and private party favors.
  4. Diversity River Bowl. This bowling center has great music and great bowling. The amazing music can even qualify it as a club instead of a bowling alley. Located on 2211 west Diversity parkway, be sure to drop by, this is one place that won't disappoint anyone.
  5. Timber Lanes. Timber lanes supports what a classic bowling alley looks like. Great for any who are old-fashioned at heart. Located on 1851 West Irving Park Road. With its classy setting and great lanes, it's one of the star centers of Chicago. 
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